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How to Clean LOOKAH 710 Wax Coils

What are 710 coils?

The 710 wax coils from LOOKAH use a porous crush quartz with a wire running through it. The porous quartz heats up quickly, allowing the wax to melt, which vaporizes the wax more evenly.

Several LOOKAH devices use these coils. The Python, Swordfish, Unicorn Mini, Q7 Mini, Seahorse X, Dragon Egg, Ant, and Dinosaur all use the 710 coils.


How much wax should I use?

To get the best performance out of your dab pen, use just a small amount of wax, about the size of a peppercorn or a couple of rice grains.

Put the wax in the middle of the quartz plate so it heats up evenly.

Please don't use too much wax at once because it might not heat up properly and could even cause your pen to overflow or burn.

Make sure all the wax is vaporized before adding more.

It's essential to clean the coils regularly to keep your pen working well. You'll know it's time to clean them if your pen doesn't work as well as it should, tastes burnt, or produces vapor inconsistently.


How to Quick Clean Dab Coils?

Here are some steps for quickly cleaning your Lookah vape:

1. Set the Lookah vape to the highest voltage setting.

2. Use a Q-tip to clean the walls and soak up any extra wax.

3. Hold down the button on the vape for 10 seconds to fully heat the coil. This will help clear out any extra wax in the coil and stop it from hardening and blocking the quartz in the atomizer coil. You might need to repeat step 2 a few times based on how much extra wax there is.

4. Use a Q-tip to wipe around the inside of the coil to remove any remaining wax.

How To Fully Clean the Dab Coils?

Full clean: 

After using the coil for some time, wax can build up and change the color of the quartz plate. Darker waxes or those with more impurities will dirty the coil faster.

This can block the coil and make it less efficient at heating up, affecting the taste when you vape. Depending on how often you vape and what kind of wax you use, you may need to spend around 40 minutes cleaning the coil thoroughly. 

Necessary Items:

To clean your atomizer, you will need:

- A small nylon brush, Q-tips, or cotton buds

- 91 to 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

- Wet wipes or paper towels

- A container to hold your atomizer


To do a full clean, follow these steps:

Here are the steps to clean your vaping device:

1. Remove the coil: Take out the coil from your device.

2. Wipe off excess wax: Use a Q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol to wipe off any extra wax inside the coil. Also, wipe the outside of the coil with a tissue and rubbing alcohol.

3. Soak the coil: Put the coil in a bowl of cleaning alcohol (90%+ Isopropyl alcohol) for 30 minutes.

4. Wipe outside: After soaking, take the coil out of the alcohol and wipe off any remaining alcohol from the outside.

5. Wipe inside: Use a Q-tip to clean the inside of the coil gently. Avoid pressing down on the quartz plate, as it could damage it.

6. Let it dry: Allow the coil to dry completely, which might take a few hours. 

7. Heat the coil: Screw the coil back onto the Lookah vape and turn on the vape (5 clicks). Set the voltage to the highest setting and heat the coil 3 or 4 times. This will help burn off any remaining residue from the coil.


Why do you need to clean dab pen coils?

Ensuring the cleanliness of your dab pen coils is essential for several reasons:

  • 1. Enhanced Flavor: Regular cleaning allows for a more enjoyable experience by preserving your concentrates' flavors while preventing burnt residue's unpleasant taste.
  • 2. Prolonged Coil Lifespan: Cleaning the coils regularly minimizes resin buildup and extends their longevity, reducing the frequency of replacements and lowering associated costs.
  • 3. Reduced Battery Strain: Maintaining clean coils lessens the demand on the battery, as less heat is required to vaporize concentrates, ultimately prolonging the battery life.
  • 4. Efficient Vaporization: Clean coils maximize the efficiency of concentrate vaporization, resulting in cost savings over time.

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