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What Are Electric Nectar Collectors

What Are Electric Nectar Collectors or Electric Dab Straws?

Vaping has changed a lot over the past 20 years. It all started with Hon Lik's invention of the modern e-cigarette. Since then, many new and exciting products have been developed.
One of the latest cool gadgets in the vaping world is the electric nectar collector, also known as an electric dab straw. This article will examine these devices and why they're becoming popular.

What Are Electric Nectar Collectors (Dab Straws)?

Electric nectar collectors, or battery nectar collectors, are special tools used for vaping cannabis concentrates, which are thick, waxy substances. These devices are an upgrade from traditional tools used for "dabbing." Traditional dab rigs and honey straws need extra equipment like a blowtorch, and they can be tricky to use. e nectar collectors simplify this process by using battery power to heat the tip.

How to Use An Electric Nectar Collectors?

Using an electronic nectar collector is easy. Here's a step-by-step guide to vaping with the Seahorse Pro Plus Nectar Collector:

Prepare the Concentrate:
    • Place the cannabis concentrate in a small dish made of glass or silicone, or place a small amount onto a dab tool.
    Turn on the Device:
      • Turn on the device Seahorse nectar collector with five clicks of the power button.
      Select the Voltage:
        • Press the power button twice to adjust the voltage settings. There are three settings to choose from. 3.2V, 3.6V and 4.1V.

        Heat the Device:

        • For manual mode, press and hold the power button. The tip will start heating. It may take 5 to 10 seconds to heat up.
        • For the session mode, press the power button three times. The light will start flashing while the vape preheats. When the light remains lit, you can begin to dabbing.  
        Start Dabbing:
          • Gently touch the heated dab tip to the concentrate's edge while inhaling. Don't dip the tip too deep into the wax concentrates, as it might clog the device.
          Finish Up:
            • Remove the tip from the concentrate before the heating cycle ends to avoid wasting wax.

            Cleaning Your Electric Nectar Collector

            Keeping your electric honey straw clean is very important. After each use, heat the tip again to burn off any leftover wax. This keeps your device working well and gives you a better vaping experience.
            After using the collector a few times, clean the air path with a cleaning brush. This will keep the flavor pure and the device running smoothly.

            Why Are Electric Nectar Collectors Popular?

            Electric nectar collectors like the LOOKAH Seahorse series are popular for several reasons:

            • Ease of Use: Unlike other methods that require a torch and a lot of steps, electric nectar collectors are simple and easy to use. Just press a button, and you're ready to go!
            • Portability: These devices are small and easy to carry, so you can vape wherever you are.
            • Better Control: They have adjustable heat settings so that you can control the temperature for a consistent experience.

              Pros and Cons of Electric Nectar Collectors

              Like anything, electric nectar collectors have their good and bad sides. Here's a quick look:


              • Portable and Easy to Use: You can take them anywhere, and they are simple to operate.
              • Temperature Control: You can adjust the heat to get the perfect hit every time.
              • Wax Preservation: They help you use your wax efficiently without wasting it.


              • Fragile Parts: Some collectors have glass mouthpieces or bubblers, which can break easily.
              • Battery Life: You need to recharge them, and if the battery dies, you can't use it until it's charged again.

              What to Look for when buying an electric nectar collector

              Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Nectar Collector:

              Heating Method:

              When picking an electric nectar collector, it's essential to think about how it heats up. There are usually three types of heating elements: quartz, ceramic, or titanium. Each one has its pros and cons.

              Quartz: Quartz heating elements are known for their purity and ability to hold heat well. Quartz tips offer the cleanest, most flavorful vapor. They heat up quickly and are easy to clean but may be more delicate than titanium.

              Ceramic: Ceramic heating elements evenly distribute heat, leading to smooth and consistent vaporization. They are strong, resistant to corrosion, and great for low-temperature dabbing. However, they may take longer to heat up than quartz or titanium.

              Titanium: Titanium heating elements are valued for their durability and fast heating abilities. They provide strong performance, especially for high-temperature dabbing, and are less likely to break or deteriorate over time. However, some users may notice a metallic taste with titanium nails.

              Temperature Control:

              Another factor to consider is the temperature setting. Adjusting the temperature allows users to customize their dabbing experience according to personal preferences and concentrate types.

              Some e-nectar collectors have an adjustable temperature, while others, like the LOOKAH Seahorse series, have preset voltages. Look for electric nectar collectors with a good range of settings.

              Portability and Size:

              Electric nectar collector pens have the fantastic advantage of being super portable.  When choosing one, consider the device's size, weight, and overall portability.

              Go for compact, lightweight models that are easy to carry in your hand or pocket. Look for cool features like detachable mouthpieces or collapsible designs for extra convenience.

              Battery Life and Charging:

              When picking a nectar collector kit, it's crucial to consider how long the battery will last and how easy it is to charge. Look for a dab device with a large mAh battery that can handle many uses before recharging. It's also helpful to find one that charges quickly and has easy ways to charge, like with a USB-C cable or magnetic charging. Some kits even let you use the nectar collector while charging, which is convenient..

              Build Quality and Durability:

              Invest in an electric nectar collector constructed from high-quality, durable materials that can handle frequent use and travel. Seek out devices made from tough metals or heat-resistant plastics to withstand the demands of dabbing.

              Inspect the build quality of the heating element, mouthpiece, and overall construction. Devices with robust, well-engineered components are less prone to breakage or malfunction, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and dependability.

              Brand Reputation and Reviews:

              Carefully research the brand reputation and read reviews from other users to assess the performance and reliability of the electric nectar collector. The best brands have high-quality products, customer support, and positive user feedback.

              When checking reviews, consider factors like vapor quality, ease of use, battery life, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, consider checking online forums or communities for dabbing enthusiasts to gather recommendations and insights from experienced users.

              There are dozens of brands to choose from, some of the more popular ones are listed here: huni badger, LOOKAH, human sucks, yocan, ooze. 


              Electric nectar collectors, or dab straws, are making vaping cannabis concentrates easier and more enjoyable. They simplify the process and give users more control, making dabbing less intimidating and more fun. As more people discover these devices, they are becoming a popular choice over older, more complex methods.

              With many different types of electric nectar collectors available, there's something for everyone. Whether you're new to dabbing or looking for a better way to enjoy your concentrates, these devices offer a convenient and efficient solution.

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