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Dab Cartridges & Wax Vape Pen Accessories

Looking to step up your dabbing game? Whether you're a fan of traditional dab rigs, electric dab rigs, or dab pens, having the right accessories is vital to a top-notch dabbing experience.

Some accessories will naturally wear out as you dab away and need replacing. Swapping out worn dab coils or broken glass bubblers is essential for keeping your setup in top shape and ensuring you enjoy the best vaping experience.

When it comes to electric vaping pens, 510-thread cartridges are the way to go. Also known as dab cartridges, carts dab, oil cartridges, or vape tanks are crucial for a seamless vaping experience with ejuices, waxes, and oils.

For the ultimate in concentrate smoking convenience and discretion, dab cartridges are a game-changer. They've completely transformed the vaping experience and made it easier to enjoy your favorite concentrates.

If you're all about smooth tokes and smokes, Lookah vapes come with bubblers for added water filtration. And don't worry - you can find replacement consumables, cleaning brushes, and spare parts for your Lookah vaping devices in this category, too. 

What Is A 510 Thread Cartridge?

A 510 thread cartridge is a container used with concentrated extracts such as wax or oil. It fits onto 510-thread batteries to vaporize the concentrate through the heated coil. All the Lookah 510 cartridge packs on this page use quartz coils and can be used for various cannabis extracts. 

Where did the term 510 thread come from?

The term "510" refers to a standard size used in the vape industry. It's an important term because it's the most common type of battery connection for small, portable vapes. This standard size is based on early e-cig technology, and even though the technical details are a little complicated, the main thing to know is that it's a widely used and convenient standard. This means that many different 510 vape cartridges are available, but not all of them will fit every 510 vape device. However, overall, there is a fair amount of interchangeability, which makes 510 vapes convenient, portable, and reliable. Additionally, 510 vape cartridges can contain a variety of substances like cannabis oil, CBD oil, THC oil, and others.

LOOKAH 510 Wax Carts

LOOKAH 510 wax cart offers four options, each distinguished by a unique color pack for easy identification. Every package includes 1 tip and 4 coils. These cartridges are specifically designed for use with the Lookah Snail and Lookah Load 510 cart pen battery devices.

A-model 510 thread carts (Red): 1 x tip + 4 x Tunnel quartz coils

B-model 510 thread carts (Green): 1 x tip + 4 x Column quartz coils

C-model 510 thread carts (Yellow): 1 x tip + 4 x Flat quartz coils

D-model 510 thread carts (Blue): 1 x tip + 4 x Double quartz rod coils

Alternatively, you can opt for a mixed pack, which includes one of each coil wax cartridge and a single tip.

All the vape carts offer 1.2 Ohms resistance and feature slightly different coil designs to cater to individual taste preferences for concentrates.

The cartridges are available in packs of 4 or as part of vape cart pen starter kits, which include the Lookah Snail device with adjustable voltage settings.

What Is A 710 Wax Cartridge?

710 cartridges are a larger version of 510-thread vape carts, although the 710 designation is not related to thread count or gauge. The term "710" originates from dabbing. 710-threaded cartridges function as dab carts, using a larger fitting than the more commonly encountered 510-thread carts.

LOOKAH offers four distinct 710 cartridges designed to fit the Dragon Egg, Q7 Mini, Seahorse X, Swordfish, Mini Unicorn, Python, and Dinosaur vapes. All of these cartridges are interchangeable among these LOOKAH devices.


LOOKAH 710 Wax Carts

These coils are made of quartz and give a very good flavor. There are four types of 710 coils for Lookah devices:

Type A - Gives the best taste

Type B - Produces the most vapor

Type C - Saves wax

Type D - Has see-through sides

Each pack contains five coils. These are specially made for your Lookah vaporizer pen. The quartz chambers heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly to your concentrates. This makes vaping better. These atomizers work best with small amounts of wax, so the coil can heat it up well without burning too much wax.


LOOKAH Seahorse Electric Nectar Collector Coils


The 510 coils are designed to be compatible with the Seahorse vape pen range and are suitable for all electric nectar collectors. The coils come in five different types to accommodate various preferences.

When using the Seahorse 510 coils for dabbing, it is important to set the desired heat and then gently place a small amount of wax or concentrate on the tip. It is crucial to handle the coils with care and avoid pressing the tip onto hard surfaces, as the delicate quartz/ceramic coil could be easily damaged.

It is recommended to avoid placing the top of the tip flat against the concentrate, as this may lead to clogging of the airway. Instead, tilt the vape pen so that the tip and the concentrate are at a 45-degree angle, and apply the concentrate to the edge of the tip.


Lookah Seahorse Pro Mouthpiece

The glass tube mouthpiece is made of high-quality glass and can be used with the Seahorse Pro, Seahorse Pro Plus, Giraffe, and Seahorse King vapes. It is easy to clean and is designed to be tasteless to ensure pure flavors. If you want a mouthpiece that's more durable for use on the go, then you can choose a resin mouthpiece for the LOOKAH Seahorse devices and Giraffe.

Lookah Seahorse bubbler

The mini bubbler is essential for adding water filtration to your Seahorse Pro or Pro Plus device.

Unicorn/Seahorse Max bubbler

The seahorse max and unicorn erig use the same glass bubbler. Please be aware that this replacement part is for the glass bubbler only. If you need the magnetic ring for the unicorn erig, please email us, and we can arrange that separately.

Dragon Egg Accessories

You can buy a replacement water chamber, glass mouthpiece, or percolator stem for your dragon egg. If you lose or break any of the parts, then don't worry; we have you covered.

We offer a complete range of dabbing accessories that complement Lookah products. If you use LOOKAH products and require additional accessories, our products are the perfect choice.

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