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The Best 510 Vape Battery in 2024

The Best 510 Vape Battery in 2024 - A Comprehensive Guide

In today's expansive vape market, finding the right 510 vape battery involves considering several crucial factors. Whether you're drawn to CBD, THC, or other extracts, selecting the optimal battery ensures a satisfying vaping experience tailored to your preferences.


Understanding 510 Vape Batteries

As of 2024, searching for the perfect 510 thread battery is paramount. These batteries are not mere power sources but pivotal components that dictate the quality of your vaping sessions. Leading brands like LOOKAH are at the forefront, offering innovative solutions for discerning vapers seeking superior performance.


What Are 510 Thread Batteries?

510 thread batteries are specifically designed for use with prefilled wax and oil cartridges. They vary in size, shape, and functionality, featuring options such as single voltage or adjustable voltage settings. Activation methods also differ, with some batteries employing manual buttons while others are draw-activated for seamless use.


Key Considerations When Choosing a 510 Vape Battery

Voltage Settings

A crucial feature of 510 batteries is the ability to adjust voltage settings. This capability (typically ranging from 2.4V to 4.5V) allows users to tailor their vaping experience to different materials and personal preferences. Higher voltages are suitable for thicker oils, while lower settings preserve flavors in more delicate extracts.

Activation Method: Draw Activated vs. Manual

Choosing between draw-activated and manual activation depends on personal preference and the viscosity of the oil. Draw-activated batteries are convenient for quick sessions but may struggle with thick oils, whereas manual activation provides more control over heating cycles.


Battery Capacity (mAh)

Battery capacity dictates how long your vaping sessions can last before requiring a recharge. Higher mAh ratings indicate longer battery life, which is suitable for heavy users or extended sessions. Consider your usage patterns to determine the ideal capacity that meets your needs.

Take these numbers as an approximate guide. The true number of hits you get from your battery/cart will depend on several factors.

A 350mAh vape battery may allow around 150 to 200 puffs between charges. For some users, this could last a week or more; for others, it may barely get them through a weekend.

A 0.5g cartridge (0.5mL oil) will last approx 150 puffs.

A 1g cartridge (1mL oil) will last approx 300 puffs.

Size and Portability

The size of the battery affects portability and power. Smaller batteries are more convenient for travel but may sacrifice battery life compared to larger models. Some batteries are suitable for 2ml carts, whereas others may have design features that prevent larger carts from fitting them. Balance your preference for compactness with the need for extended vaping sessions.



While price shouldn't be the sole determining factor, it's essential to find a battery that fits your budget without compromising on quality and features. Premium models may offer additional functionalities but can be more expensive.

Build Quality and Durability

Investing in a well-built 510 battery ensures longevity and safety. High-quality materials and solid craftsmanship are essential to withstand daily use and provide reliable performance. Look for reputable brands known for durable construction and advanced safety features.


Brand Reputation

Premium brand 510 thread batteries are superior to other cartridge batteries due to their increased power, built-in safety features, and additional functionalities like magnetic adapters, voltage levels, preheat function, and longer battery life. Popular brands such as LOOKAH, CCell, Yocan, and Zeus offer a variety of 510 batteries.




The LOOAKAH Bear 510 thread vape cart battery is designed with both cute form and function in mind.

LOOKAH Bear 510 thread vape battery

The upper part of the device boasts a 510-thread connector, ensuring compatibility with various vape cartridges and tanks.


With a compact and ergonomic design that measures 80 x 42 x 28.6mm, it comfortably fits in the hand, enhancing portability and discretion for users.

The battery's 500mAh capacity and rechargeability via a Type-C port contribute to its durability.

Adjustability is a strong suit, with a voltage range of 3.2V to 3.9V, catering to various vaping preferences.

The Bear comes in a large range of colors, including some awesome tie-dye options.


2 LOOKAH Guitar

This sleek, guitar-shaped vape from LOOKAH not only delivers powerful performance but also makes a stylish statement. Its compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and with a simple twist, you can bring your favorite vape cartridge to life.

Lookah guitar 510 vape cart battery

Show off your love for music at your next concert or party with this unique gadget. It's the perfect companion for any music enthusiast! With a 350mAh capacity and three preset voltages (3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V), you can customize your flavor or cloud preferences. Each voltage is represented by a different-colored LED light.

Keep track of the battery level with four power LEDs that indicate the charge level in 25% increments. Plus, with a Type C USB port and pass-through charging, you can vape on the go while the battery charges.

Take your mini vape with you wherever you go, thanks to the lanyard clip. Enjoy your favorite vape cartridges anytime, anywhere! Slip this mini vape around your neck and enjoy your favorite vape carts wherever you go. 



The Ccell M3 Battery is a slim pen-style vape that's sleek, stylish, and discreet. At just 76mm long and 10.5mm wide, it's no bigger than a ballpoint pen, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite oils and concentrates on the go.

Ccell M3 vape pen battery

With a 350mAh battery, this little powerhouse can give you around 150 puffs from a full charge, lasting for hours of continuous use without needing a recharge. Say goodbye to worrying about running out of power during your vape sessions.

On top of that, the Ccell M3 Battery is a breeze to use with its 3.7-volt output - no complicated controls or settings to fiddle with. Just grab it, enjoy it, and relax.



The LOOKAH Firebee - a sleek, pen-like device that's perfect for on-the-go vaping. With dimensions of 98mm long and 14mm in diameter, it's compact and easily fits into your pocket or purse.

LOOKAH Firebee 510 vape pen battery

Equipped with 650mAh of power and three preset voltage settings, you'll have precise temperature control for an exceptional vaping experience. The digital display provides a clear view of battery charge and voltage mode, offering convenience at your fingertips. Plus, with a type C USB charging port, recharging the vape device is a breeze. Keep an eye on the charging progress with the segmented display that flashes during charging.


5 Ritual Shroud 510

The Ritual Shroud is a sleek and compact device that packs a punch with its 650mAh battery, delivering exceptional battery life. It's not just about power - the Shroud offers three carefully crafted voltage settings (2.8v, 3.4v, and 3.8v) to give you the perfect balance of flavor and vapor.

Ritual Shroud 510 thread vape battery

What's more, this stylish device is designed to discreetly house your 510 cartridges, giving it the appearance of a sleek bar or box-style disposable e-cig. Don't be fooled by its small size - the Shroud can accommodate cartridges up to 2g in size, making it a great choice for those who prefer stealth and functionality.


6 LOOKAH Turtle

The Turtle is one of the leading vape pen batteries from LOOKAH. This powerful device is compatible with most 510 vape carts, accommodating both wider 2ml carts and most 1ml carts.

Featuring three preset voltages, the Turtle allows you to customize your experience, whether you prefer rich flavor or dense clouds. With three vape modes to choose from (Session, inhale activation, or button activation), you can enjoy vaping on your terms.

LOOKAH Turtle 510 thread vape battery

Despite its compact size, the Turtle houses a strong 400mAh battery, providing ample power for 0.8 to 5 Ohm carts. The unique design incorporates a protective shell that surrounds and safeguards the cartridge, held securely in place by magnets. This innovative feature not only enhances the product's durability but also serves as the inspiration for its name.

At just 41x24x63mm, it discreetly fits in your palm, allowing for convenient, on-the-go vaping. Whether you prefer button or inhalation activation, the Turtle delivers a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience.


7 Zeus Ion

The incredible Zeus Ion is a premium 510-thread battery that perfectly balances style and functionality. Crafted by Zeus Arsenal in Stuttgart, Germany, this device exudes elegance and quality. With four adjustable temperature settings and a convenient preheat function, it optimizes your cartridge performance.

Zeus Ion premium 510-thread battery

Despite its compact size, it boasts a robust 650-mAh battery and USB-C charging capability. Delivering stellar performance and exceptional durability, the Zeus Ion is a true contender for those who seek both aesthetics and top-notch quality.


8 Pulsar's DuploCart H2O

The DuploCart vaporizer is a cutting-edge 510-thread battery that offers unparalleled customization. Unlike other batteries, the DuploCart features two 510 thread connections, allowing you to use two different cartridges at the same time. You can mix and match flavors or double the potency - the choice is yours. The prefilled carts are loaded shotgun-style into the bottom of the vape battery and then pushed into the DuploCart's protective exterior for convenience and safety.

Pulsar's DuploCart H2O 510 thread vape battery

This unique vape battery also comes with a water pipe adapter, which means you can enjoy water-filtered hits when connected to your bong or dab rig. It's equipped with variable voltage settings and a handy preheat function, providing a tailored vaping experience. The DuploCart H2O's double cartridge design, water pipe attachment, and large 650mAh battery make it a top choice for cartridge enthusiasts who value versatility. Keep in mind that it's priced at over $55, positioning it at the higher end of the price range.


9 Vessel Compass

The Vessel Compass boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, along with a convenient USB-C charging feature that would make vaping a breeze. The adjustable voltage settings offer versatility to cater to individual preferences, and the device's sturdy build ensures durability despite being lightweight and compact.

Vessel Compass 510 vape battery

The easily accessible buttons promise a seamless vaping experience, complemented by the 550mAh battery that strikes a good balance between portability and power. Although the Compass is priced slightly higher, its exceptional quality and performance definitely justify the investment.


10 Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod

The Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod has been updated to include a digital display that provides important vaping statistics and settings.

Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod vape pen battery

The build quality may not be the most durable, but it is a relatively affordable option. It comes equipped with a lanyard clip for easy portability, similar to the LOOKAH Bear and Guitar. While it may not deliver top-tier performance, it serves as a reliable backup unit, given its budget-friendly price.




What is the best 510 vape battery for long use?

The LOOKAH Firebee and Zeus Ion with 650mAh batteries offer the longest performance and use between charging.

What is the best 510 vape battery for 2ml carts? 

The LOOKAH Turtle and Ritual Shroud 510 are the best options for 2-gram or 2ml carts.

What is the most compact 510 vape battery?
The most compact batteries in this list are the LOOKAH Bear and LOOKAH guitar. However, the smallest profile with a vape cart attached is the LOOKAH Turtle and Ritual Shroud, as they conceal the 510 cartridges within the vape housing.

Which is the most unique 510 vape battery?
The most unique vape battery is the Pulsar's DuploCart H2O, as this allows two carts to be attached at the same time.

The cheapest 510 vape batteries on our list are the Yocan Kodo Pro Box Mod and Ccell M3 Battery, which can be each found for around $15.


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