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If you are a user of traditional dab rigs, you must be familiar with nail and torch. The traditional glass nail is heated by a torch and atomize wax by its temperature. An enail, also known as an electric dab nail, is powered by a Li-battery and is portable for use with dab rigs. It combines the functions of a nail and a torch but is more effective and convenient to use.

More and more stoners are turning to electric nails instead of traditional nails due to the following features.

Lookah Q7 enail

Enail Features

  • Convenient to use: E-nail is powered by a battery, so you only need to turn it on and select the right voltage, it can heat up automatically and atomize wax to produce smooth clouds.
  • Stable atomize: If you have experience with using a dabber nail, you should know that the temperature drops quickly after moving the torch, so the wax will be heated at different temperature, this leads to unstable clouds and flavors. Additionally, the temperature varies at different parts of the nail.
  • Safe usage: Using a torch for heating may bring a potential fire risk,another thing the torch itself carries the risk of gas leaks, which can be dangerous also.
  • Portable: Our e-nail is more than just an accessory for a dab rig,you can also use it as dab vaporizer. Its portability allows you to take it with you on the go or away from home, you can dab anywhere and anytime. Unlike a dab rig, which is large and can only be used at home or in a fixed place, an electric nail can solve these problems easily.

Electric Dab Nails We Offer

Lookah Q7 mini enail

We provide two kinds of electric dabber nails, the Lookah Q7 and Lookah Q7 Mini.The Q7 e-nail is powered with a 2000mAh battery, providing a heating range from 200-750℉. If you require higher temperatures and swift atomize, the Q7 is the ideal choice.

The Q7 Mini is a small version powered by a 950mAh battery, which is sufficient for its operation. Its compact design gained popularity among many people who prefer smaller size.Moreover, the Q7 Mini is price-friendly, making it suitable for those having limited budge.

We Believe you can choose the right E-nail banger from us according to your condition and its characters,our enails are sure to bring you more convenience and upgrade your dabbing experience to a higher lever.

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