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What is 710 Day? Understanding Counterculture Day

What is 710 Day? Understanding Counterculture Day

What is 7/10?

710, or July 10th, is an unofficial holiday for people in the cannabis community.

It is like a new 420 day, which takes place on April 20th and celebrates everything related to cannabis. Only 710 day is about encouraging the use of cannabis concentrates.

The number 710 looks like the word "OIL" when flipped upside down. This clever idea is why 7/10 is celebrated as a day to enjoy cannabis oils and concentrates.

These products are a more potent form of cannabis, often used for vaping or dabbing. What are cannabis concentrates?


Where Did the Term 7/10 Come From?

The idea of 7/10 being connected to cannabis concentrates started around 2011.

Hip-hop artist and influencer TaskRok and several other big names in the cannabis world were having fun in a chat room on the cannabis forum TokeCity.

They played a fun word game, flipping the world "OIL" upside down to make 710. This happened on the perfect day of July 10th, 2011.

As the term 710 started trending and more people started using and enjoying cannabis oils, 7/10 became known as a day to celebrate these products.

710 day is often called national dab day. But it isn't just celebrated on July 10th. It can be celebrated on any day at 7:10.

When Did 7/10 Celebrations Start?

The celebrations for 7/10 first started in 2012 and have grown in popularity since. The term started occurring in LA Weekly and High Times articles from around 2012.

How to Celebrate 710 Day?

In the past ten years or so since its introduction, 710 has steadily grown and gained an international reputation. While it's not as popular as 420, each year, there are still a host of events and promotions to enjoy this counterculture holiday.

Get ready to dive into the vibrant celebration of 710 Day. This particular day is all about indulging in cannabis concentrates and experiencing the full spectrum of festive vibes.

From the traditional joy of dabbing using a dab rig to the convenience of vape pens designed for cannabis oils, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Consumption covers everything from infused pre-rolls, delectable edibles and drinks crafted from cannabis oil, and the beloved moon rocks. It's an immersive experience you will want to experience!

In places where cannabis is legal, dispensaries will have special deals or events for 7/10. They might offer discounts on cannabis concentrates or have parties where people can learn more about using these products safely.

When celebrating 710 Day, remember to dab responsibly and know your limits. Be aware of the legal status of cannabis in your area. Safely enjoying cannabis oil products can enhance your experience

710 Events for 2024

The inaugural Solventless Cup 2024 – 710 Edition will take place in Western New York from July 5th, with an award ceremony and festivities in Downtown Buffalo on July 10th.

In San Diego, 710 Beach Club will be hosting an event with live music, drinks, food, and giveaways.

Also, San Diego has a Farmers Cup 710 Edition focused on concentrates.

There is a free concert and networking evening at an authentic Western movie town located outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

710 day in 2024 is on a Wednesday so some events may be scheduled for the weekend after. One such event is the 3rd annual The 710 Bash in White Cloud, MI.  

There is the 11th annual 710 Dab Day Festival, which, after ten years in Miami, will be in Tampa.

Other 710 events include Arizona's 710 Degree Cup, Colorado's Kush Masters 710 Celebration, and Oregon's Camp Sesh.

Be sure to check your local 710-friendly forums and websites or check at your dispensary for events and promotions.


Why is 7/10 Important in Cannabis Counterculture?

Cannabis counterculture includes people who support and celebrate cannabis use. They often push for its legalization and safe use.

7/10 has become important in this culture because it focuses on cannabis concentrates, which are more potent and used differently than traditional cannabis. This day highlights how people use cannabis in new and exciting ways.

Where is 7/10 Celebrated?

7/10 is celebrated in places where cannabis is legal or where its use is not heavily punished. This includes parts of the United States, Canada, and some European countries.

In these places, you might find events or gatherings specifically for 7/10. Even in places where cannabis isn't entirely legal, some people still find ways to celebrate the day privately.

What Day is 7/10 in 2024?

In 2024, 7/10 will be on a Wednesday. Even though it's a weekday, many people will still be celebrating, and there might be events and sales happening all around.

What Does "710 Friendly" Mean?

When something is described as "710 friendly," it means that it welcomes people who use cannabis concentrates. For example, a 710-friendly event might have areas where people can vape or dab, or it might sell products related to cannabis oils.

Will There Be Big 7/10 Sales?

Yes, there are often big sales on 7/10. Dispensaries might offer discounts on cannabis oils and concentrates. Online stores might also have special deals to celebrate the day. It's a great time for fans of cannabis concentrates to buy their favorite products at lower prices.


7/10, or July 10th, is a fun and special day for people who enjoy cannabis concentrates like oils and dabs. It's a day to celebrate and share these products with friends and others who enjoy them, too.

Whether you're new to cannabis or just curious about different celebrations, 7/10 is a day worth knowing about. So, mark your calendar for July 10th, 2024, and see how people celebrate this unique counterculture day.

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