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Dry Herb Vaporizer

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What is dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer (Known as weed vaporizer) is a device used to vaporize dry herbs, such as cannabis, tobacco, or other dry herbs, without burning them. Many people call this kind of weed vaporizer heating no burn (HNB).The vaporizer heats the herbs to a temperature(lower than burning point) that releases the active compounds in the form of vapor, which can then be inhaled.

The operating temperature range of a dry herb vaporizer usually between 350°F (approximately 177°C) and 450°F (approximately 232°C), depending on the model and brands. Within this temperature range, a dry herb vape pen can heat dry herb material to produce vapor instead of smoke, offering a healthier inhalation method.

This HNB is considered to be a healthier method, compared with smoking, as it doesn’t release harmful by products of combustion while still allowing users to experience the effects of the herbs.

Dry herb vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes, from portable devices to larger tabletop units.

dry herb vaporizer

Desktop herb vaporizer

A desktop herb vaporizer, also referred to as a table vaporizer, is a great choice for enthusiasts looking for an outstanding dabbing experience at home. Compared to portable vaporizers, it offers the following advantages:

Power: Power is one of the biggest advantages of desktop herb vaporizer. It can connect the power outlet directly at home, this provides much higher power for easier control and better vaping experience.

Higher vapor production: Desktop vaporizers can deliver higher quality vapors, which are thicker and more effective. They are the perfect choice for family or team use.

Easy control: Turn it on, waiting it for up to setting temperature,enjoy it. No need to three-click or five-click as portable vaporizers, no session time to keep eyes on. It is easy to use and nearly no technique to request.

Durability: A tabletop vaporizer is large enough to allow for better design possibilities and the use of thicker materials, making it much more durable than a small portable vaporizer.

Portable herb vaporizer

A portable herb vaporizer is small in size and designed for portability. You can take it with you on the go or away from home, allowing you to vape anywhere and anytime.

Affordable price: The price of portable dry herb vape pen is much cheaper than desktop one, it is friendly for the people with limited budget. We collect a dry herb vape pen - ice Cream,the price is only $59.99

best dry herb vaporizer

By Heating Type

Conduction Type: Think of conduction vaping as similar to cooking with a pan. When you place an egg in a heated pan, the egg is warmed by the pan and begins to sizzle.

A conduction vaporizer works in a similar way. When you place the herbs into the chamber, heat is transferred through the chamber walls to the dry herbs, vaporizing them into a flavorful vapor.

Convection Type: Convection vaporizer works like baking cake in an oven. The heating element doesn’t direct contact cake and just transfers the heating to it.

Convection vaporizers are typically larger and more expensive than conduction ones. Therefore, you will find that conduction vapes are more widely used in the market.

By usage type

Session vaporizer: is an easy and common weed vaporizer. You simply load the weed into the chamber, set the temperature, and the vape goes to work. It releases clouds when it reaches the set temperature. However, there is no combustion, and you only get pure vapor. It requires minimal input from the user and is a very intuitive way to vape.

On-demand vaporizer: works in another way. The vape demands pressing the button to release the vape. This type of working request a high effective oven for heating the weed and release vapors quickly. While you will find there is lag between pressing the button and inhaling as the device heats up.

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